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    Tablet Press Accessories

    mpower Lite control system

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    Tablet Press Accessories

    Tooling Inspection and Analysis System

    Dust Cup Puncher

  • Overview

    Tooling Inspection and Analysis System: Automated and documented measurement for tablet press tooling

    The Tooling Inspection and Analysis System (TIAS) replaces the time-consuming and expensive manual measuring process for new and in-use tablet compression tooling with accurate and repeatable automated measuring. The inspection results are recorded electronically to enable facile reporting and historical analysis for improved forecast of tooling usage and procurement. By easily identifying out-of-specification tooling, tablet press downtime can be reduced. The TIAS will enable you to better manage your complete tablet compression tooling inventory.

    Dust Cup Puncher: Reduces press set-up time and ensures precise fit of dust cups

    The unique manual dust cup punching machine simplifies the installation of dust cups on your tablet press. Typically located in the tooling room, it allows punching dust cups off-line for faster press set-up and increased operator safety.

    The dust cups are punched upside down and accurately in the center for an improved fit. The punched inserts are collected in a container mounted to the puncher which eliminates lost punch tips.

    Manesty mpower Lite: Control system designed for the Manesty Value Range of tablet presses

    mpower Lite is a control system designed for the Manesty Value Range of tablet presses. Developed from the successful mpower software used with our high technology Xpress machines, it’s functionality enables compliance with 21 CFR part 11 requirements.

    Using mpower Lite will improve tablet weight consistency, provide on line displays of data acquisition and diagnostics; batch reports are also generated for subsequent transfer to a network and / or local printing.

    Provided with a touch screen display and a retractable keyboard this PC based system permits intuitive navigation of operational screens and requires the minimum of operator training.

    mpower Lite has also been designed to improve the performance and extend the life time of existing tablet presses which currently do not benefit from control systems that permit compliance with 21 CFR part 11.

    mpower Lite is an economical solution to enable older presses to run with a current GMP and regulatory compliant control system.


    Benefits Tooling Inspection and Analysis System:

    • Reduced effort for tooling measurement
    • Increased traceability throughout tooling lifecycle
    • Accurate audit trail
    • Paperless, user-friendly system
    • Optimized tool selection, tooling sets and press setup
    • Improved quality assurance

    Benefits Dust Cup Puncher:

    • Accurate, repeated punching of dust cups
    • Improved fit of the dust cups
    • Faster press set-up
    • Increased safety by isolating the operator

    Benefits Manesty mpower Lite:

    • Low cost: solution for 21 CFR part 11 regulatory compliance
    • Improved weight control: individual station compaction force measurement and auto adjustment of tablet weight
    • Extends tablet press lifecycle: Permits older, reliable tablet presses to be upgraded to meet current regulations
    • Secure: Variable operator access levels and password protection
    • Easy Installation: Reduces production down time and requires minimal operator training with PC based Windows application
    • Flexibility: With a variety of mounting options such as floor or wall, the console is easily integrated into existing room space
    • Network ready: Open data format allows transfer of data to customer network systems
    • Validation: A full supportive validation package is available
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    For further information please download our detailed product brochures:

    Download-form: Dust Cup Puncher

    Download-form: TIAS Brochure

    Download-form: TIAS Catalogue

  • Application

    Manesty mpower Lite Application Examples:

    mpower Lite is the standard control system option for our Value Range of machines including B4, D4, DX4 and the BB4.

    mpower Lite can also be used to replace older generation control systems such as the Compaction Force Monitor (CFM), Sentinel 3, Sentinel Diamond and Compaction Force Controller (CFC) to enable regulatory compliance to 21 CFR part 11. This option also overcomes the obsolescence issue which is common with older electrical components.

    Manesty tablet presses have an excellent reputation for robustness and longevity, extend the life time of your press by upgrading obsolete control systems.

    Manesty mpower Lite Main Screen
    Manesty mpower Lite Software
    Manesty mpower Lite Software
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