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Take your sustainability to the next level with
Sealed Paper Packaging
Clean shelf, clean environment - this is what you can gain from producing sealed mono-material paper bags on Bosch vertical form, fill and seal as well as mandrel wheel machines equipped with the new ZAP-Module. By combining the sustainable paper packaging material Axello?ZAP from BillerudKorsn?s with the benefits of Bosch’s packaging technology, you can enhance consumer experience and save on production costs while preserving natural resources. Made entirely from mono-material paper, the new sustainable package is ideal for free-flowing goods that do not require a barrier such as sugar, flour, pasta, grains or powders


Protect your brand with
Sealed Paper Packaging



Save resources with completely
recyclable paper packaging



Enhance consumer experience with
high-quality paper packaging

Learn more on www.foeohi.tw and www.billerudkorsnas.com
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